New Service for 2023

Let me take your IT Pain Away

Spring is in the air and so is the birth of a new service – helping to take the pain from people’s Computer problems. This new service came about over a long period of time, starting with experiencing my own IT problems and having to find solutions – sometimes in my creative Multi Media projects and at other times, while working for employers where using special in house software and computer hardware was absolute.

Previously as a customer service agent, I had been offered the opportunity to apply for a job in the IT Support department – however, this would involve having to sell up and move to London. After doing some quick sums, I realized that although my wages would increase, the cost of living would also increase to the point where I would just be working to pay my bills and have nothing left over. The negatives outweighed the positives and I decided to withdraw my application.

I didn’t foresee that in the not too distant future I could have the best of all worlds, I could work independently as a Self Employed IT support worker, helping my local community with a much more fulfilling variety of work, including working on my publishing business. Now to me, if all goes well, this would be my dream job – AND – I don’t need to move. Better to work for yourself rather than some CEO lazing in his London penthouse suite, getting paid millions to spend his day organizing meetings about having meetings.

I find that IT is one of the most challenging areas to work in – it requires having the ability to somehow translate computer technology into simple English so that things work. It requires spending much time researching in order to understand – time being the one thing my clients don’t have much to spend on dealing with computer headaches. IT problems causes stress and anxiety and can result in a client’s business grinding to a halt if the technology solution is not there.

Persistence is a quality required of the IT Support worker and patience – both of which I have been complimented on having an abundance of. The best part is when you see the smile on the client’s face when IT has been corrected. Not all problems can be solved though, but 90% can with tenacity.

I decided to test the waters before launching ahead. At first I had intended becoming a self employed Personal Assistant carrying out tasks such as housework, driving, dog walking etc. However this didn’t feel right – I felt I had to be more specific. A friend of mine suggested that I should concentrate on just helping people with software and computer advice. I realized she was right, she had hit the nail on the head. I was able to help people in the past with computer problems and I could do this.

Not long after, I offered to help an elderly gentleman with his current IT problem. His old computer had died and he didn’t want to pay a large sum of money for a repair. I advised him to buy a new laptop and helped him set it up. I also realized his phone wasn’t even linked to his router, hence the lack of internet connection. He was very happy as I had him up and running in less than 20 minutes.

After that I helped a friend to buy a new computer with software to edit her photos and made sure she only paid for what she actually needed. She was very grateful for the advice and savings she made. It was after this that I decided to start up a new enterprise and I hope it will flourish. I have spent a week networking, trying to see who needs help with what in my local community.

Here’s a list (not exhaustive) of examples of Computer help on offer:

Help with buying a new computer & accessories – MAC or Windows?

Using Software for MultiMedia (video and photo or podcasting production) or MS 365 Office

How to build your own WordPress Website plus using coding languages

Recovery of Digital Photos from SD Card

Setting up Home Banking

Setting up a new Smart Phone

Help with setting up a Security Video Doorbell

Next stage is to get my marketing done, cards and leaflets designed and distributed. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that perhaps it will inspire you to take the leap into the world of self employment.